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We live in an era in which materials are becoming more expensive and eliminate our resources. That is way it is important to choose carefully the materials we use. It is not always obvious that wood is environmental friendly. What about the rain forests?
There are many reasons for manufacturing in Indonesia: high quality and art that pass through generations. But there is more basic and important reason: Indonesia is one of the most advanced countries in the world in regulation and laws regarding using wood as a sustainable material.
We can find the Teak tree mostly in Indonesia and Burma. It is one of the best materials, very strong and durable. These are the reasons it makes an ideal material today, when we try to avoid using cheap and short term material that contribute more garbage to the world. For that, and for its beauty, the Teak tree is becoming more expensive by 6% each year.
If so, is it possible that a rare tree can be a sustainable material?
The Indonesian law require to use for the furniture industry only Teak that grows for that purpose (plantation wood). In fact, for each tree that cuts off, another tree is being planted. The life cycle for such a tree is approximately 40 years. No wonder Teak is becoming more expensive! But this law maintains the ecological balance and our benefit is beautiful furniture that passes through generations for many years.