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Long lasting wood, life lasting design
In vastu gallery, every item has been chosen carefully by the spirit that rules the gallery – harmony between man and nature. This spirit is expressed in the classic designs and the quality of materials that retain their value for many years.
The furniture imported from Indonesia is manufactured especially for Vastu gallery by family factories that have been in the furniture industry for generations.
The combination of ancient arts and classic design with the unique texture of teak wood – create the perfect items for your house or garden. The kind of item that will bring warmth and harmony in to your home, the kind of item you can leave on to your grandchildren, the kind of item that betters with the passing years.
We use only solid wood and old recycled wood that give every furniture we sell – character that forneir and other replacements can’t achieve – never two pieces of solid wood furniture are alike.
We are proud of our large stocks in the shop and warehouse and of our in house carpentry.
Ever furniture you buy is prepared for perfect provision by our carpenter.
You are welcome to order what you don’t find in our stock and we will manufacture it especially for you.

The team is at your service – a team composed of owners, salespeople, architects and dedicated carpenters who prepare each item before delivered to the customer and adapting it to your needs and requirement.
We invite you to visit us all for pleasure and experience in a slightly different atmosphere.

רהיטי עץ מלא - Vastu
גלריית רהיטי עץ מלא
גלריית וסטו היא גלריה לרהיטים מעץ, וותיקה וידועה באזור השרון ולה אולם תצוגה רחב ידיים באיזור תעשיה פולג, נתניה. עץ מלא הוא חומר גלם מדהים שניתן לחדש אותו כל הזמן ולשנות את פניו לאורך שנים ולהתאים אותו לכל זמן, לכל תקופה ולכל מקום. ניתן לייצר ממנו כל רהיט, לכל מטרה.